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E Governance



A digital office with its assortment of software and fancy apps that can assist in gliding through day to day mundane and important tasks is any office goer's model of an ideal workplace. The idea of being at work and managing an agile group of people feels so exciting. But the excitement fades away the moment you find some remote thing that you presumed to be a savior in times of need would give in. Enterprises big and small try to adapt to technology through various software solutions available in the market to streamline their operational responsibilities. Do all the products by any E-governance company live up to the Organization's needs and expectations? When the answer to this question would be a 'No', the answer for an E-governance product like 'Mosaic' the answer would be a definite yes.

Mosaic, is a comprehensive solution to all your complex management hassles which come with the overload of data and multiple teams and projects to work on. As enterprises grow and expand, the Mosaic software scales up to it accordingly to facilitate the seamless functioning of the organization. We understand businesses are unique with their own peculiarities, custom processes, restrictions, and legacies. All those factors have gone into our thought process while designing the product. It is unfortunate that most of the time, enterprises have changed according to Enterprise Management Systems to ensure smooth functioning. With Mosaic, your enterprise wouldn't have to go through that helpless situation.

Mosaic enables different modules, implementation of an integrated system of tracking and analysis. It saves you precious time and money by generating software-assisted reports, thus helping ad up to your ROI. The Project Management module of Mosaic gives you the flexibility of merging, splitting, and amalgamation, re-arrangement of works for and within many project undertakings, which no software in the world currently offers. This makes the task of managing multiple tasks a walk in the park.

With Mosaic, the entire communications, priority lists, tasks, milestones, progress tracking, and documents are available in the proper format to a new incumbent thereby letting you save time you spend on elaborate "hand-overs" and "taking-charge" rituals for chilling out with him/her. Afterall it has its own ROI and hope you wouldn't disagree with us.

Mosaic consists of the following components:
a. The Dashboard giving a quick glance of all the needed artifacts and their status as applicable
b. Notes Widget smallest communication artifact - for quick communication
c. Email Client - Built-in email client that lets you check multiple email accounts
d. Contacts Widget - This allows you to create contacts, both individual and corporate
e. Calendar Widget - This allows you to create events, seek appointments, check other's calendar to ascertain how busy a personnel is before seeking an appointment slot or inciting for an event
f. Documents Widgets - Helps you to create various types of documents, Rich Text Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations and also version control them. Also helps you to upload other document types
g. Tasks Widget - Create Tasks and Milestones, Projects, Programs, Split and Amalgamate tasks/rojects, work on multiple projects at the same time in a single interface